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Innately inspired by the natural world, my aim is to create beautiful pieces that complement and accentuate every woman’s natural beauty. 



Hi, I’m Olivia, designer and director of Olivia Raymond Designs.

My creative journey began when I discovered my passion for working with glass after learning glass blowing twelve years ago. I love the way that colour and beauty is formed, almost instantaneously, through heat...this is what really appealed to me about glass as a material to express myself.

Having been a designer and creator from a very young age I have worked in many artistic mediums. I wanted to use glass to create something beautiful that women of all kinds would love to wear. After experimenting, I developed the ever growing range of hand blown glass and sterling silver jewellery that I now offer.

What constantly amazes me is how something I visualise can be transformed from a few simple pieces of glass into a unique and elegant design. I love this process, and I enjoy the challenge of creating contemporary jewellery that women, like you will love to wear.